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Is the smile you see in the mirror every day hardly an image that makes you happy? Brightening your smile can be a process which is far more difficult than many of us realize. Over the counter products can lack not only the power, but also the careful instruction and professional advice which can give you the answers you need to achieve a brilliant smile. If you are tired of ineffective products from your local grocery store, put down the pick up the phone to book an appointment for convenient and effective tooth whitening in Northport with the state of the art offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS. Stained and yellow teeth can often make us feel unhygienic and unattractive, but the truth is that the presence of dental staining can be caused by far more than just the need to brush your teeth more often or with a specialized form of paste. There are far more foods and drinks that work to stain your teeth than are often thought of. Many of the fruits and vegetables patients enjoy on a daily basis in order to achieve healthy bodies can cause stubborn staining on the surface of your teeth, as well as white wine and green tea, and even certain medications can be to blame. However, this does not mean that you need to give up a healthy diet just to achieve a beautiful smile.

The first step to beautiful teeth begins with a visit to your trusted dentist for tooth whitening in Northport. For those of us who believe that regular visits do not fit our busy schedules, professional take-home whitening kits can be the perfect answer to your cosmetic dental problems. These advanced systems offer the best of both worlds with professional strength bleaching gel in easy to use individual use tubes, as well as a custom-made whitening tray crafted from impressions of your own teeth for a secure fit that allows for whitening anyway your day takes you, from a quiet afternoon at home to errands around town. Take-home whitening systems can provide a shades whiter smile in just three days’ time, for a beautiful smile without the wait in the convenience of your own home.

For the most convenient tooth whitening in Northport, be sure to visit the experts at the welcoming offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local area for over 25 years with the latest advances in dental technology and procedure for both cosmetic oral needs as well as mild to severe oral health problems. With take-home professional bleaching systems from Roger Curtiss, DDS, a noticeably brighter smile has never been easier to achieve.

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