Teeth Replacement in Northport

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Teeth Replacement in Northport

Once upon a time, you only had two choices for teeth replacement, and neither was an ideal option. But today, there are dental implants and that has changed how we all think about dental restorations. With an array of advantages over the more traditional fixed bridges and removable dentures, our tramadol overdose dosage is not only a good idea to give you back your full smile again, but also to keep your other teeth from shifting, which can lead to discomfort and jaw misalignment.

There is nothing wrong with getting a bridge or partial dentures to replace one or several missing teeth. But bridges do require that the tooth on either side be drilled down and capped in order to act as an anchor to secure the bridge. Partial dentures, on the other hand, use adhesive to keep them in place and that can be messy to apply. Furthermore, dentures have the tendency to slide around, which may cause you to be less than confident when eating or speaking. By its very nature, when you select dental implants from among our teeth replacement in Northport, you won’t need to concern yourself with any of those drawbacks. Implants need no adhesive, won’t move around, and require no loss of surrounding tooth material.

Most patients should be able to qualify to get a dental implant. You just need to have healthy gums and a jaw bone strong enough and thick enough to support it. Even if you don’t meet that standard, bone grafting can be done to correct the situation. And while some personal habits, like smoking, or diseases, such as diabetes, can interfere with getting a successful dental implant, you should come in for an examination and consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for our tramadol overdose dosage.

Getting a dental implant is basically a two-step process. First, a titanium post will be placed in your jaw bone. Over several months, the bone will grow around the post and fuse with it. This creates a very strong bond. The second step is to place a tooth-colored crown on top and cement it into place. Thus, our tramadol overdose dosage restores the root as well as the tooth, allowing you to preserve your normal facial structure and contours.

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