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Pediatric Dentist in Greenlawn

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Pediatric dental cleanings

Pediatric dentist in Greenlawn
Pediatric dentist in Greenlawn

While many parents of young children are quite accustomed to making routine pediatric well visit appointments as well as sick child appointments with their pediatrician, they may overlook scheduling regular pediatric dental cleanings as part of their child’s comprehensive health care. Roger Curtiss, DDS, your personable and highly qualified pediatric dentist in Greenlawn provides pediatric dental cleanings to ensure your child’s teeth and gums start and stay healthy in the same manner as your own. In fact, if you consider the way you carefully and meticulously brush and floss your teeth in comparison to the way your child does (even under your supervision), it may seem even more important to have their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis to stave off the same tooth decay and gum disease that you are fighting.

Having their teeth cleaned regularly will allow your child to understand the care and attention they should be devoting to their oral hygiene to safeguard their naturally beautiful smile. We will also be happy to provide a demonstration and explanation of proper tooth brushing techniques for at home. In addition to receiving a thorough pediatric dental cleaning at our office, Roger Curtiss, DDS, premier pediatric dentist in Greenlawn, your child can receive a comprehensive dental check-up. Our caring and compassionate professional staff will explain the various aspects of the exam, from using a dental mirror to see behind teeth, to inspecting teeth with dental tools, to determine if any tooth decay or cavities are present. We will also take the time to answer any questions you or your child may have about our findings or any concerns regarding their dental health.

Scheduling your child’s pediatric dental cleaning is effortless with the assistance of our courteous and attentive professional team. We fully understand the hectic lifestyle many families have and will do our best to accommodate your needs for an appointment with Roger Curtis, DDS leading pediatric dentist in Greenlawn. We look forward to meeting with you and your child soon to safeguard the health of their teeth and gums through regular dental examinations as well as thorough pediatric dental cleanings.

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