Pediatric dentist in Greenlawn

Pediatric Dentist in Greenlawn

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It’s fair to say that your child’s dental needs are more delicate than yours. That’s because they start out with primary (baby) teeth, which then fall out to be replaced by newly erupting permanent (adult) teeth. This requires attentive dental care. In addition, children are often more prone to cavities. Our pediatric dentist in Greenlawn is dedicated to ensuring that your child experiences optimal levels of oral health, along with instilling the good habits that lead to strong, cavity-free teeth, and disease-free gums well into adulthood.

Of course, no amount of good pediatric dental care has much worth is your child does not get to see our pediatric dentist in Greenlawn. Children can be wary of doctors, and one of the big reasons is that the visits are perceived as scary with pain always looming. Well, we don’t want your child to feel that way about our office and so we have taken the necessary measures to make certain that he or she feels comfortable and at home. Our atmosphere is one that is non-threatening and fun. And our staff makes the effort to acquaint your child with the equipment and what it does. Things that are unfamiliar naturally cause trepidation. Our pediatric dentist in Greenlawn makes it his goal to cause little or even no pain to your child in all dental procedures. But if something will be uncomfortable, such as getting a needle for anesthetic, Dr. Curtiss wants to be sure that your child understands what is being done and why. Your child will be visiting us two times per year for dental exams and teeth cleanings, so it makes sense that she or he feels at ease and that a bond of trust is formed early.

Schedule your child’s first visit to our office. With good strategies for oral hygiene at home, and the handy tips and advice that we provide, your child will have every advantage possible for achieving and maintaining a high degree of oral wellness.

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