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Northport NY Oral Exam

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Northport NY Oral Exam

At any stage of life, it’s important to practice good oral hygiene at home and visit your general dentist regularly. Starting early helps preserve a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Northport NY Oral Exam
Northport NY Oral Exam

At Roger D. Curtiss, DDS dental practice in Northport, NY we will give you a reason to smile. Dr. Curtiss has been providing cosmetic, restorative and family dental care to Northport, NY and the surrounding communities in Suffolk County. Our outstanding aesthetic results are proven by our return customers relying on the beauty of their teeth with Dr. Curtiss and the staff at our Northport dental practice. An oral exam is routinely performed by Dr. Curtiss and our dental hygienist during the course of an initial comprehensive exam and regular check-ups. An oral cancer exam refers to the identification and management of diseases pertaining to the maxillofacial and oral regions. The soft tissue of the mouth is normally lined with mucosa, which is a type of skin that should appear smooth in texture and pink in color. Any alteration of the color or texture of the mucosa may signal the beginning of an oral disease.

Northport, NY Oral Care

During the course of a regular check up, Dr. Curtiss will thoroughly inspect the soft tissue of the mouth and take serious note of any changes. When definitive results are obtained, our staff and Dr. Curtiss at Northport dental care will help you decide on the best course of treatment. We provide excellent patient education and believe you should be involved in your dental procedure. Working together with Dr. Curtiss at the Northport dental practice we can help you prevent your dazzling smile from tooth decay and provide you with treatment options that best meet your needs. Our comprehensive dental exam performed by Dr. Curtiss includes gum disease evaluation, oral cancer screening, examination of tooth decay, and existing restorations. At Northport dental care our professional dental hygienist will perform your teeth cleaning procedure which includes removal of tartar and plaque and polishing to make your smile as bright as ever. Call our Northport, NY dental office for your next dental exam.

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