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If you feel your smile could be improved due to staining, gaps, chipping or misshapen teeth, veneers by our Northport cosmetic dentist, Roger Curtiss, DDS may be the answer. Dental veneers, typically made of porcelain, may be the solution to improving your smile. The thin overlays are color matched to your natural teeth, then securely attached to the front of your teeth. Please feel free to consult with Dr. Curtiss regarding the exact methodology and most recent technique which will be used to bond the veneer to your tooth. The result will mask a myriad of minor imperfections including misaligned, unevenly shaped or worn down teeth.

Roger Curtiss, DDS, ourĀ Northport cosmetic dentist professionally applies veneers following a comprehensive examination and consultation. A few of the advantages to use porcelain veneers over other cosmetic dentistry procedures include a natural appearance, the stain resistance of porcelain allows the pleasing appearance of veneers to be moderately long lasting, and the ability to offer an improved esthetic with minimal shaping performed to the natural tooth as compared to a crown. Following the completion of your veneer application, home care and dental care are the same as for your natural teeth. Expect to brush and floss regularly as well as continue dental examination with professional cleanings every six months to be part of your routine.

Patients who receive veneers to improve the appearance of their teeth may also feel increased self-esteem and confidence. You may no longer smile with your mouth closed for pictures, hide behind your hand when laughing or speaking and feel the irresistible urge to show off your newly enhanced pearly whites. Your Northport cosmetic dentist, Dr. Curtiss and his experienced team of highly trained professionals look forward to seeing you to discuss if veneers are the right enhancement service for you. We offer general and cosmetic dentistry services to maintain, enhance and restore your teeth and gums. Please call a friendly and knowledgeable member of our staff at (631) 706-4185 to not only schedule your convenient appointment, but to answer any concerns or questions you may have about veneers or any other cosmetic or general dentistry procedure.

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