Greenlawn NY Teeth Whitening

Dental Bleaching in Greenlawn NY

Greenlawn NY teeth whitening

Greenlawn NY teeth whitening

It’s a known fact that teeth can become stained and discolored over time due to food, beverages or aging. Substances like nicotine, coffee and wine can all contribute to staining and yellowing teeth. The best way to this is with a Greenlawn NY teeth whitening. Many whitening treatments last for a year or longer with proper maintenance. Our state of the art teeth bleaching system is quick and easy, allowing our patients to once more have the bright and beautiful smile they long for.

Our Greenlawn NY teeth whitening system can be done either at home or in our offices. A custom made tray is provided. For those who wish to whiten their teeth at home, a custom made tray will be created by our dentist. This ensures that the proper amount of whitening solution is applied to all teeth. We will also provide you with detailed instructions to make your home whitening process quick and easy. The home whitening can be done in two or three hours, or overnight if you so choose. As long as a couple hours are put aside, the whitening can be done conveniently.. Should you choose to have the whitening done in our offices, we will provide you with the proper materials needed and our dentist will apply the whitening. Our in office whitening can be done in just a few different visits.

Greenlawn NY teeth whitening is not permanent, however it can last for years if proper brushing, flossing and oral hygiene regimens are followed. Abstaining from the kind of beverages that contain teeth discoloring substances and abstaining from nicotine can help teeth the whitening last longer as well. After your teeth whitening procedure, we will also educate you on the benefits of proper oral hygiene and diet, which can affect teeth, and give you a treatment plan that helps keep teeth as white as possible. Proper diet is key to maintaining good oral health and in keeping gums clean and healthy. Decay can set in easily if lots of sugars are ingested, damaging teeth and also leading to decay and discolor. Call today to schedule an appointment to brighten and whiten your smile easily and quickly today!

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