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Are you searching for the care you to replace your missing teeth? Missing teeth are caused by more than just physical injury, but are also the cause of oral disease and decay. No matter what the cause of your lost tooth or teeth, these gaps in your smile are much more than a cosmetic issue, but in fact present a serious health risk to your remaining teeth, as well as gum loss at the site of the missing tooth. Fortunately, you can find the care you need with your local Greenlawn family dentist at the welcoming offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS through custom made dental bridges.

Dental Restorations 11768

Dental Restorations 11768

Missing teeth are not a matter to be taken lightly, no matter few tooth you may be missing. While some levels of smile restoration can be very invasive and require long months testing, dental bridges do not require any form of invasive or surgical care, all while providing a fixed and permanent solution to your missing teeth. Dental bridges, also known as a partial denture, are crafted for each patient to mimic the exact look of the missing tooth or teeth you have lost, making bridges the perfect fit anywhere in your smile. Partial dentures are crafted by your professional Greenlawn family dentist from the most advanced cosmetic materials, such as ceramics and porcelain. Porcelain works to perfectly mimic the shape and texture of your teeth, as well as matching the shade of your natural smile. This material also has the unique ability to resist staining, so patients can enjoy their favorite foods and drinks without worrying about the look of their new dental work. Once your partial denture has been made, the prosthodontic is fitted into your smile, and is then secured perfectly into the space of your smile with a permanent bonding treatment that uses your adjacent teeth to the gap as an anchor. This allows the partial denture to literally bridge the gap from one tooth to another, which is where this treatment gets its name. Bridges are a far more cost effective form of treatment than dental implants, as well as being entirely non-invasive, so patients can enjoy a beautiful smile that truly fits into their busy and affordable lifestyle.

For the best in dental bridges to give you your smile back, simply visit your local Greenlawn family dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS have been proudly serving your local community for over 25 years with personalized attention backed by state of the art dental technology. With dental bridges from the experts at the practice of Roger Curtiss, DDS you can enjoy a budget-friendly treatment that allows you to smile with confidence once again.

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