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At our Greenlawn dental office, Roger Curtiss, DDS, wants all our patients to know that whenever you remove and replace dental fillings, there is always the chance that a tooth could be damaged during the process. This is especially the case if a filling is especially large or deep. Dr. Curtiss is aware that no one wants to go to the dentist and replace a dental filling that appears to be fine, but it may very well be worth the effort. Fillings are made to be as durable as possible, but they still only last for so long. Statistics show that on average, most fillings seem to last about 15 years.

Greenlawn Dental Healthcare

Greenlawn Dental Healthcare

Whatever condition your dental filings are in, whether they are silver, gold, or white, they will most likely not last for the rest of your life and will need to be replaced. The longer bad fillings stay in your mouth, the more likely you will need root canals and crowns to restore your teeth. When your existing fillings are monitored at our Greenlawn dental office, we can see if they have remained the proper size, if enough healthy tooth remains, or if the fillings should be replaced with new ones. Dr. Curtiss has earned his good reputation by staying educated on all modern advancements in dental fillings and shares this cutting-edge research with our patients.

Leaving old dental fillings in place harms your gums, because they can trap the plaque which causes gum disease. Monitoring your dental fillings with dental examinations and x-rays to evaluate your dental fillings are the only reliable way to tell if your fillings have started to fail. At our Greenlawn dental office, our dedicated staff explains the importance of having your fillings checked regularly to see if they are in the condition they should be. If your amalgam fillings begin to cause sensitivity or start to decay, ask Dr. Curtiss about replacing them with a different material, like composite resin. Many of our patients complain of sudden sensitivities to hot or cold foods, while others complain about feeling discomfort or pain when eating sweets or sugary foods. In some cases, patients notice a change in color around the edges of their porcelain crowns. This change in color is a clear indicator that something is wrong, and that your crown needs to be checked out by Dr. Curtiss, and possibly replaced.

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