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The general dentists at the East Northport dental practice of Dr. Roger Curtiss, we stress the importance of routine dental cleanings and proper brushing and flossing. Sometimes though, regular dental cleanings with our staff of dental hygienists may not be enough. A hygiene cleaning with your my blog, Dr. Curtiss can remove some plaque and calculus from the mouth, but many times a more thorough cleaning, also called deep cleaning, may be necessary to return good oral health to the mouth.

Gum disease is the greatest threat to the longevity and health of your teeth. This condition of bone and tooth loss is due to forms of oral bacteria, plaque and calculus, that grow and spread in the mouth. This silent and painless gum disease starts from neglected cleaning and builds up over time. A deep cleaning with your is trazodone like xanax, Dr. Curtiss can prevent the birth, growth and spread of gum disease to keep your teeth and gums healthy. A deep cleaning at our East Northport dental practice involves a more rigorous cleaning of the teeth, including the removal of plaque and calculus around the teeth and the roots of the teeth. A deep cleaning is usually done in sections over a period of appointments because it is more intensive than a regular dental exam and cleaning. By removing these sources of disease however, you’re less likely to experience future bone loss due to gum disease.

If you feel that you could benefit from a deep cleaning, come see East Northport dentist, Dr. Curtiss today for a routine cleaning. During this regular dental exam, he can evaluate your mouth for traces of gum disease, as well as inspect the levels of plaque and calculus buildup in your mouth.
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