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Are you unhappy with the look of your smile, but nervous about painful and costly dental procedures? Many of us have anxiety about visiting the dentist, and many more of us simply do not have the funds to afford the expenses which many forms of smile restorations require. However, the latest advances in dental technology have allowed for a new technique which is neither painful on your smile or your wallet, and you don’t have to go far to acquire it. With a simple appointment at your local our staff at the offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS can answer all of your questions and concerns to see if a dental bonding is right for you.

Fort Salonga Cosmetic Dentist

Fort Salonga Cosmetic Dentist

Dental bonding is a simple and effective process of cosmetic dentistry that can be utilized to solve a variety of problems that you have with your smile. Your can use this painless procedure to restore cracked and chipped teeth, fill gaps between teeth, lengthen front teeth for a more uniform appearance, as well as alter the shape of teeth for improved chewing and a better appearance. This is also the same process used to fill cavities when a resin filling is called for to give the tooth a natural appearance while protecting it from dental decay. The resin utilized in dental bonding can be formed into any shape that is needed, making it extremely versatile in uses for your smile.

The process of dental bonding is both expedient, as well as painless. Resin can be made in many different shades to match your smile, so you never need to worry about the color of your teeth. After the use of a gentle abrasive to prep the site for bonding, your will apply a condition liquid, followed by the bonding resin, which is then molded and soothed into perfect shape. At the dental practice of Roger Curtiss, DDS our offices utilize a state of the art UV light to harden the material for long lasting effects. Once the material is set, Dr. Curtiss will put the final touches, as well as polish the resin to perfection, giving you the ideal smile without the pain of a complex procedure.

Dental bonding usually takes about half hour to an hour depending on the depth of work you would like to have done through dental bonding. Dr. Rodger Curtiss has been proudly serving his local community as your trust for over 25 years through his welcoming practice at the offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff our fully trained and professionally licensed to work with you and answer all of your question about dental bonding to give you the beautiful smile you want, without the pain of procedures you don’t need.

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