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Are you struggling to live your life with missing teeth, but are unable to receive dental implants? If your mouth is not suited for dental implants, you cannot afford their high costs, or you simply wish to avoid the pain and lengthy recovery time associated with implants, there are still other options to effectively replace missing teeth in your smile. Whether you need only a few teeth replace, or a full set of prosthodontics, your local of Roger Curtiss has the perfect solutions for your dental maladies through the application of custom fit dentures for your smile.

For patients who wish to replace only a few teeth in a pain free manner, partial dentures can be the perfect fit to give you your healthy smile back. Dentures have a come long way in the past decade, and partial dentures are no exception. Today’s latest advances are crafted of porcelain on a natural looking base for beautiful set of false teeth that will not only fit your smile perfectly, but works to resist stains better than your natural teeth, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite food and drinks without worrying about your new dentures. Partial dentures can be made in removable or permanently fitted styles by our team at your trusted to give you back a healthy smile so you can fully enjoy life and your favorite foods once more.

Dentist Fort Salonga

Dentist Fort Salonga

If you need to have full or traditional set of dentures, your has many options which can give you a beautiful smile in an affordable and non-invasive way. If you have a few remaining teeth, your dentures can be specially crafted to fit over them and utilize them for an even more secure fit. Dentures can actually work to restore a healthy gum line, improve bone growth in the jaws, as well as improve chewing and speech. By replacing your teeth with dentures you can actually enjoy all of the foods you love once again with some time and practice with your new teeth. Our doctors can work with you to have you eating properly once again in no time.

Dr. Roger Curtiss, DDS has been proud to serve your local community from his state-of-the-art for over 25 years of outstanding dental health care that is personal as well as professional for quality oral health care you can count on. No matter what issues you have about getting your teeth replace, be it an anxiety about dental procedures, or simply the high costs of dental implants, dentures can be the perfect answer to these problems. Dr. Curtiss and our team will work with you for dentures that will be a perfect fit for your smile.

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