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Cosmetic Dentist Centerport

If you ask anyone about their experience at the dental office of Dr. Roger Curtiss, they’ll tell you, it felt like they were visiting a family friend because of our professional and caring staff. Northport family dentist, Dr. Curtiss, has been serving the Long Island community for a long time and he takes the time to create a personalized treatment plan for every one of his patients. At his Northport dental office, he provides a wide range of services, from family and cosmetic dentistry to implantology and pediatric dentistry.

We know many people don’t enjoy their annual dental cleanings, but we can ensure you that the experience you’ll have at the Northport dental office of Dr. Curtiss will not feel like your ordinary dental appointment. We are here to make you, the patient, comfortable. We accommodate for all needs, including those of you who dread their appointments. We are committed to your comfort and your health, so stop delaying your next cleaning and call our talented dentists today at 631-706-4185.

If at the beginning of your dental examination, you still feel anxious, we encourage you to speak with the doctor, engage in small talk so that we can put you at ease and move at a speed that is most comfortable for you. Before any procedure, it is advisable to agree with the dentist on a “stop” signal, a hand gesture that means you need a break. This will make you feel more confident and in control of the situation. For the same reasons, we encourage you to ask questions! Know exactly what is happening in your mouth and learn about your dental health.

When you’re looking for great dental care, visit the best family dentist in Northport, Dr. Curtiss. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Curtiss has provided comprehensive dental care to his patients in Northport, Centerport, Greenlawn, East Northport, and Kings Park in Long Island. When you visit our Northport cosmetic dentist office, your smile is our top priority. Our aim is to help our patients enjoy the best possible dental health, by keeping them informed about good at-home oral regimes and comfortable during their annual exam.

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