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No one wants to hear from their general dentist that they need a root canal, but a root canal is far better than losing your teeth! If you need a side effects of xanax, Dr. Roger Curtiss is experienced in providing nearly pain-free root canals to his patients in Northport, Centerport, East Northport, Fort Salonga, Greenlawn and Kings Park. Using the most advanced technology, Dr. Curtiss provides root canal treatment that is much more comfortable than you may think.

Getting a root canal with East Northport dentist, Dr. Curtiss is the best way to save your natural tooth. Using root canals as a last resort procedure, Dr. Curtiss uses the latest endodontic treatment to save teeth from extraction. In order to provide top-quality endodontic results and successful root canals in our patients, we provide comprehensive dental treatment that includes a thorough x-ray evaluation, complete anesthesia, removal of the nerve and pulp of the tooth, sealing off the canal, and placing a protective dental crown.

Dr. Curtiss provides a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures including root canals, as well as tooth whitening, periodontal treatment, tooth extractions, and dentures. Dr. Curtiss is a qualified East Northport dentist who cares about his patients. Because Dr. Curtiss is experienced in a number of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures, you will have your choice of dental treatment that works best for you. If you’re looking for quality dental care in East Northport, visit Dr. Roger Curtiss today!

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