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Dental Implants in Greenlawn

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Dental implants in Greenlawn

Dental implants in Greenlawn
Dental implants in Greenlawn

If you have one or even several missing teeth, you can get our dental implants in Greenlawn. Bridges and dentures are the traditional choices for full-tooth restoration, but there are many benefits that only implants can offer. And even though appearance is the most common reason for teeth replacement, there are other factors that make it a good idea, including preventing bone and gum tissue from eroding, a change to your natural facial contours, keeping your other teeth from shifting, and your bite (occlusion) being thrown out of alignment.

The placement of our dental implants in Greenlawn takes two essential steps. First, a cylindrical titanium post is inserted into your jaw. Your jaw bone grows around it and fuses with it. This will take a few months, but in the end you have a strong bond, and one which mimics that of your natural tooth root. You will then have impressions taken for a tooth-colored crown that will be cemented to the top of the post. You will then have a complete new tooth that looks and feels like a real one. It even acts like one. You can chew even the toughest foods. Brush it, floss between it and your other teeth. And in some ways, it may even be superior to your natural teeth. Our dental implants in Greenlawn will not be subject to tooth decay and you will never need a root canal on it. When you compare an implant to a fixed bridge, it is superior. You will not have to sacrifice any tooth material with an implant. Likewise, there is no messy adhesive to use like with dentures. And neither bridges nor dentures replace the root. They are just surface solutions.

Why settle for an incomplete smile? There’s no reason because dental implants in Greenlawn will give you back a full set of teeth. Call our office to arrange an appointment to be evaluated and to have all of your questions answered.

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