11768 Extractions

11768 Extractions

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Needing to have wisdom teeth removed is one of those dental procedures that sounds scary but is actually important that you get over with. When wisdom teeth need to be taken out, it is often to prevent more serious issues from occurring later on down the road, so if you need to have these molars removed, the sooner the better. When scheduling 11768 extractions, our local dentist Roger Curtiss, DDS is here to help provide you with the comprehensive wisdom tooth care that you need.

Many people need to have their wisdom teeth removed at one point or another. For many individuals, their wisdom teeth are deemed impacted early on and the teeth are sometimes taken out before they can develop any further. Impacted wisdom teeth, especially those that are impacted below the gums, can cause a great deal of dental harm and damage. Impacted teeth that grow towards other teeth can cause dental crowding and intense oral pain. In cases like these, impacted wisdom teeth are removed as soon as possible so as to avoid these side effects. In other cases, wisdom teeth may be removed later. Not everyone has impacted wisdom teeth and some individuals can allow their wisdom teeth to develop and break through the gums without any problems – except that many people find it difficult to clean these teeth thoroughly. As a result, decay and disease are more likely to affect these teeth and those surrounding it. When it comes to 11768 extractions, Roger Curtiss, DDS can help and make sure that the appropriate procedure is employed to get those teeth out safely.

If you need any wisdom teeth extractions or know you need to have them removed at some point, call us here at the offices of Roger Curtiss, DDS. Dr. Curtiss will make sure you are scheduled for any 11768 extractions you need.

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